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Epsom Salt Peppermint Foot Scrub

This lively scrub might make you want to play footsie. Soaking your feet first in warm saltwater not only feels heavenly, it also softens tough skin for maximum benefits.INGREDIENTS1 cup Epsom salt1/3 cup almond oil or olive oil1 tablespoon castile soap6 drops pure essential oil of peppermintMix all of the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. Soak your feet first if desired, using 3 quarts of hot water directly from the faucet or warmed on the stove top to a comfortable temperature. Pour the water into a basin and mix in 1/4 cup table salt or Epsom Salts. Soak those lovely feet for a good 15...

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Buttermilk Fennel Cleansing

1/2 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoon crushed fennel seeds

Heat the milk and fennel seeds in top of double boiler for 30 minutes. Turn off heat, let steep for 2 hours. Strain, cool, pour into bottle and refrigerate. Keeps for 2 weeks.

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Bath and Body Tip #5

Epsom salt is extremely inexpensive and a terrific aid for soothing sore muscles.


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